Care for yourself as well as others

Self compassion












We are often much better at caring for others than ourselves.

It’s something FORCE Oncology Support Specialist Tania Davidson recognises and has some advice on being kind to yourself.

“If feeling anxious, we can often get stuck and overwhelmed and it’s hard to calm ourselves.

“Try imagining stepping back and observing the anxious part of you.

“Create some space between yourself and your anxiety.

“Notice how you feel towards your anxious self. Do you feel judgement or compassion?

“Try talking to that part of yourself as you would a friend. Imagine how you would reassure and soothe them and then apply this to yourself.

“As you soothe yourself you will reduce the adrenalin and cortisol running through your bloodstream, which is making you anxious, and allow your body to release hormones that soothe you like oxytocin.

“Gradually slowing down your breathing and taking slow, deep breaths will also really help with this calming process.

Kristen Neff, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, has some very good mindfulness practices on self-compassion that you can access for free.”