After the shock of a cancer diagnosis, many women can be devastated by the challenging side-effects of their treatment.

A dramatic change of appearance and body image can be particularly difficult to cope with.

Look Good Feel Better is a one-off pampering session that teaches women how to manage some of the visible side-effects of their cancer treatment in a practical and positive way.

Run by a trained beauty consultant, the two-hour workshop introduces some simple skincare and make-up skills. It’s informative, lively and most of all, fun.

The session is free and provides practical and effective support for women being treated for any type of cancer.

You will also receive a goody bag of premium beauty products.

These groups are always popular and places are limited to 12 ladies per session.

Groups run on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at our Support and Information Centre.

We also offer occasional sessions for men, offering expert advice on cleansing, exfoliating, shaving, moisturising and sun protection.

The ninety-minute workshops are free and open to any man needing help with some of the visible side effects of cancer treatment.

For more details about Look Good Feel Better or to book a session, please contact Shelley Boult on 01392 408535.

For more information about Look Good Feel Better, which is an independent charity, go to

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