Seven-year-old Bonnie’s big baking bonanza

The Great British Bake Off will be back on our TV screens next week but FORCE already has its own cast of kitchen heroes and heroines who raise much needed funds for our charity with their cooking skills.

Seven-year-old Bonnie Skinner from Powderham has now joined their ranks with a performance that would surely have Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood drooling.

The Exminster Primary School pupil wanted raise money for FORCE because our charity has supported her mum, Lucy.

So she decided on a bake sale and it proved a fantastic success, making more than £500.

This is Bonnie’s story in her own words.

“I made brownies, fairy cakes and a Victoria sponge and mummy made lots more than this. Other people made cakes for me. There were so many lovely cakes.

“So it was a bring-and-buy cake sale. We didn’t charge. You could just make a donation and eat as many as you want. We had lots and lots of cakes from our family and friends. We sold them outside our house in our courtyard. People could come and have a cup of tea and eat cake.

“I like baking, especially cakes, and everyone liked eating them!

“I raised £525.65 for FORCE. Everyone helped and my sister Darcy ran a little tombola as well.

“Our neighbour, Ray, and Daddy helped set up the courtyard with tables and chairs and bunting. We had music playing and it was very sunny.

“Mummy and I stood behind the table and sold the cakes. Aunty Emma (a special friend) did all the teas. Julie (another special friend) helped with setting everything up.

“I read a book about a girl wanting to raise money for charity. She was called Judy Moody and I thought that was a great idea.

“Lots of my family have raised money for FORCE.

“FORCE has helped my mum and all of us lots since my mum got cancer. I don’t like my Mummy being ill. It makes me sad but my cake sale was a very happy day. 

“I might think of some more fundraising I can do in the future because it is a very good thing to do.”