Tribute to our shop from volunteer Caroline

FORCE Shop volunteer Caroline looks forward to our store’s 21st birthday this weekend with her own special tribute to a place that’s become such an important part of the community in Heavitree and beyond.

Force Cancer Charity Shop

“She’s not just a ‘cheap shop.’

She’s an institution, she’s the heart of her community in Heavitree!

When we closed, the footfall in the area dropped and other traders realised our importance to them! FORCE-2642 - Copy (1024x538)

She raises vital funds for cancer patients, every little 10p spent is important, and it’s sad when people steal from her.

She keeps her elderly (our eldest is 89 I think) volunteers active, in body and mind and offers them regular companionship!

She brings laughter, sweat, tears, team work, pride, loyalty, hard graft!

She gives comfort to those who have lost loved ones when they come to us with their worldly possessions.FORCE-2718 - Copy (2) (1280x837)

To others she’s quicker and cheaper than a trip to the tip! But she recycles as much as she can, so she’s a good egg!

She’s the envy of all other charities with her 18 awards, so much so they voted to stop that particular award ( bad eggs)FORCE-2713 - Copy (1024x526)

She’s an Aladdin’s cave with her books, kids’ toys, linen area, furniture department, back yard, electrical tables, bric-a-brac corridor, CDs, DVDs, jewellery and collectors cabinets and of course clothes!

I’m proud to be one of the cogs that keeps her going, and long may she continue! ????FORCE-2937 - Copy (1280x598)

FORCE-2763 - Copy (706x1280)Ooh and she has walls with ears that listen as well. You go in saying you need something, and it’ll appear within hours…..that’s how we ended up with our dog xx”

Thank you Caroline and to each and every person who helps us in our shop, in the oncology snack bar, at our outreach locations, in our Support Centre, within our Friends of FORCE groups or at our many and various fundraising events. We couldn’t do it without you!