Sharing FORCE London Marathon memories

It was great to meet up this week with some of the 10 runners who took part in the London Marathon to raise money for FORCE.

Craig Butler, Perry Carpenter, Ruth Elliott and Sue Phillips got together with Effi Mason, whose daughter Shi Shi Ord ran for us, at our Support and Information Centre to swap stories and share their experiences of a day they’ll never forget.

They brought in their FORCE running vests and medals to show us and we were delighted to tell them that their combined efforts – along with Dave Copeland, Simon Edwards, Claire Hutchison, Ben Parker and Kerri-Ann Upham – raised more than £10,000 for our charity.

“We were delighted to have had a  bumper crop of runners choosing to take on the London Marathon for FORCE this year and are so proud of them all for doing so well throughout all of their training, as well as on the big day itself,” said Naomi Cole from our fundraising team.

“We are also hugely grateful to the runners, as well of course to all of their supporters, for raising such an incredible amount of money.  The combined total looks set to top £10,000 and this money will make a huge difference to local people affected by cancer. Although none of the FORCE runners finished in the historic millionth placing on April 24th, to FORCE,  Ruth, Craig, Perry, David, Claire, Ben, Kerri-Ann, Simon, Shi Shi and Sue are all one in a million – thank you.”