Live cooking with Ryan Riley

Maintaining a well balanced diet is important at any time but it can be particularly difficult in the current environment and is often challenging for people going through cancer treatment.

Talented chef Ryan Riley is an expert at creating dishes designed to stimulate taste and appetite for people whose enjoyment of food has been diminished by cancer treatment.

He is holding a live cookery class on Instagram today (April 1) at 12 noon (see below for more details).

Don’t worry if you miss this week’s session. Ryan plans to host a live interactive class every Wednesday at 12 noon along with one of World Cancer Research Fund’s (WCRF) nutritionists.

He brought his Life Kitchen to Exeter at the invitation of FORCE Cancer Charity and Exeter Cookery School kindly hosted a class for people affected by cancer.

You can see more about his visit to Devon on our website at

To find out more about Ryan’s collaboration with WCRF go to their website.

Ryan Riley's Life Kitchen