Are you and your friends ready to get Gaming for FORCE!

This is your chance to take your console skills to a new level and set yourself a number of gaming challenges to raise funds for FORCE.

It’s really easy to fundraise. Your donors could sponsor you for every level you complete or the number of hours you play. They might even sponsor you to take on a number or players. Are you ready for it?

Why take part in Gaming for FORCE?

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we redesigned our services so that we could continue to offer support for those in need.

COVID-19 limited face-to-face contact with the people we support because access to our centres has been severely impacted.

But counselling for individuals and families, information and advice on claiming benefits and how to exercise safely are all available on the phone or via video calls.

We have also introduced online support groups and produced new resources to offer as wide a range of help as possible.

FORCE receives no regular Government or NHS funding. We need to raise £1.7million every year to maintain the services we offer to support anyone locally affected by cancer. By raising funds while Gaming for FORCE you’ll be helping us achieve this.  Thank you.

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Specialist oncology physiotherapy

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Contact us for support – 01392 406151

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Level 1

Sign up to the online fundraising platform Just Giving to get your page up and running

Level 2

You will need an account with a streaming platform like twitch to be able to broadcast your stream

Level 3

To connect your video broadcast to your streaming platform you will need software to do this. OBS is free to download

Level 4

Get gaming!

Level 1 Head to and register for a Just Giving fundraising page.

Level 2 Once registered and you’re up and running with your fundraising page, sign up to the FREE streaming service like Twitch or Facebook Gaming or YouTube.

Level 3 is all about making sure you have the correct software to stream so head over to OBS to download for free.

Level 4 is the fun part. Choose which games you want to play and best set a date to complete your challenge! Don’t forget you can play on your own or with friends. Here is a list of the top 10 games to stream

Other games could include FIFA and board games.

Level 5 is about getting your message out there on social media. Tell everyone what you are going to be doing for FORCE and when and include your Just Giving fundraising page so that friends and family can sponsor you online. Here’s a Facebook post already for you to download and use.

May the FORCE be with you!

You can have so much fun with #GamingForForce. The more imaginative you can be the better is what we say.  To help here are just a few ideas to get you going with your gaming challenge and how to increase your fundraising.
  1. Live Stream Gaming Marathon over a weekend solo or as part of a team!
  2. See how fast you can complete some of your favourite games
  3. Organise a themed gaming party. Who doesn’t like a good party!
  4.  Add a little extra! Got a whizz of a cake baker at home? Sell some much needed game related cup cakes to keep everyone going!
  5. Hold a gaming tournament with family, friends and or work colleagues. Stream it to get more people involved in your fundraising.
  6. Having milestones work in combination with incentives to help you reach your fundraising target. For instance you could promise to volunteer your services like cut the grass or clean the house.
  7. Set a target you would like to reach with your fundraising.
It’s often talked about that too much screen time is not good for you. So with this in mind please be mindful of the below tips to keep you in top condition when #GamingForForce.
  • Avoid eye strain
  • Take breaks
  • Get some fresh air
  • practice good posture
  • Exercise
  • Stretch