The only cure for grief is to grieve

At some time in our lives, we will all experience the death of someone close to us.
This can often leave us unprepared because death isn’t something we talk about.
We live our lives as if we are immortal, always planning, not really thinking about the fact that one day our lives will end.
In this podcast FORCE Cancer Charity Oncology Support Specialists Gerry Gillespie and Emma Ellis talk about the impact of bereavement.
Grief can be like a whirlpool.
Emotions can change from moment to moment and it can feel like we are going mad.
With time comes acceptance of the reality that our loved one has died and we can start the long, slow progress towards reorganising our life as our life grows around our grief.
FORCE has a number of resources to help.
There’s information on our website – supporting-you/bereavement/
You can download our specially produced booklet – Understanding and Managing Grief
We also have a series of videos on bereavement that you may find helpful.

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