Trip of a lifetime for Tracey

Exeter mum Tracey Frankum has joined the Fez Army to raise funds for FORCE by trekking along the Great Wall of China. She sets out on Saturday (May 9) on the trip of a lifetime that will involve five days of walking along part of the 13,000-mile structure. Each day she will trek along the stony, steep and sometimes slippery path. Some sections are renovated and others not as the wall twists and winds its way along the mountains, interspersed with crumbling watchtowers. It is described as demanding but also very rewarding, particularly on a clear day when you can look at the vast and beautiful mountain ranges.

Proud to support FORCE

“I still cannot believe I am doing this,” Tracey told us before she left. “Going to China will be great. It’s good to be going with an organised group who arrange everything and have been doing it for charity for years.” She will proudly wear her FORCE T-shirt and a fez – symbol of the Fezmania campaign launched by staunch FORCE supporter Martin Lynn. He has raised more than £16,000 for our charity with various events. Tracey’s husband Kevin used to play rugby with Martin whose brave battle with a rare form of lymphoma inspired her to take on the Great Wall challenge. “Martin is a good friend of ours and FORCE have really helped him,” said Tracey. “His fun attitude and passion is infectious. His humour is brilliant. You would not know by looking at him what he is going through.

Help beyond belief

“He has had chemotherapy, radiotherapy, lymph nodes removed and various anti-cancer drugs. He’s due to have a stem cell transplant in Hammersmith this year and has been badly affected by a lot of the trauma he has witnessed. FORCE are an incredible charity that help patients and loved ones beyond belief.” Tracey had raised more than £1,000 for us before she left and we wish her all the best on her amazing adventure. She signed off by thanking everyone for their support and added: “As Lynny would say, LONG LIVE THE FEZ.”