Teignmouth students hold sponsored silence

A group of students at Teignmouth Community School has raised £300 for FORCE by holding a sponsored silence.

The 24 youngsters in tutor group 8VAH kept quiet for a whole school day, including break times.

They used white boards to communicate with teachers and one another between 9:10 am and 3:15pm.

“They found it quite difficult but they enjoyed the challenge,” said tutor Vicky Hipwell.

Their efforts were part of the school’s Enrichment Programme. Students are taken off timetable for two lessons to plan an activity to help the community.

The students chose FORCE after discovering that our charity supports anyone locally affected by cancer and now know of two teachers helped by the organisation.

In an article for the school magazine, 8VAH wrote: “We have managed to raise a grand total of £300 that will be very much needed to help keep the charity supporting the patients in the best possible way. 8VAH have done a great job, by working together as a team to advertise our enrichment and raise as much money as we have. We have enjoyed making the posters and badges, but especially the challenge of being silent!”

Our picture shows Teignmouth Community School’s 8VAH tutor group with tutor Vicky Hipwell.