Okehampton College Sponsored Walk

STUDENTS from Okehampton College handed over a cheque for nearly £1,500 to local cancer charity FORCE earlier this week after raising money with a sponsored walk.

Other good causes that benefited from the proceeds of the walk were Save the Children UK, the World Wide Fund for Nature, the college’s PTFA and local charity Veterans with Dogs, which provides support for former service personnel with mental health difficulties. In total students raised over £7,400 which was shared equally among the charities.

College principal Daryll Chapman said: ‘We have run the college sponsored walk since 2003 and in that time have raised tens of thousands of pounds for local, national and international charities. There are many great benefits from the walk, clearly in the money raised but also for our pupils.

‘Apart from the obvious health benefits it is a team building exercise – at the start of the academic year in September it serves as an excellent opportunity for new students to the college to get to know others.

‘We are very lucky in being so close to Dartmoor and want students to appreciate the beauty of the landscape on our doorstep. It is also a good exercise in democracy in that pupils vote for the good causes that they want to support. The sponsored walk is now a tradition that is valued by both pupils and staff at the college.’


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