FORCE offers new support to bereaved

FORCE is launching a new pilot project to offer more support to people who have lost a loved one to cancer.

We already offers face-to-face support and advice at a time when people are experiencing powerful emotions with one-to-one counselling and group sessions for those who have lost a partner or a parent.

To enhance our service further, we are introducing FORCE Bereavement Support Days. The first one will be held at Cardinal Newman House in Exeter on Thursday March 22 (10-4).

It is open to anyone bereaved by a cancer death between three to 18 months ago.

It is free to attend and will offer support and information with presentations, information and time for reflection. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Oncology support specialists Gerry Gillespie and Emma Ellis have been working on improving the charity’s bereavement service.

“When a loved one dies from cancer, lives change in a moment,” said Gerry. “The loss of someone close can provoke all sorts of emotional reactions, ranging from an overwhelming sense of loss, deep sadness, anger, pain, confusion and shock to name but a few.[image_with_animation image_url=”10583″ alignment=”” animation=”None”]All the support from the medical teams is no longer needed and the sense of isolation can be profound.”

FORCE has been working closely with a group of bereaved men and women who have an important perspective and are providing invaluable suggestions.

“It is so important to have input from people who have experienced bereavement in informing what we do next, alongside what we as professionals have witnessed,” said Emma.

Among the ideas considered were presentations and workshops with professionals and people affected by bereavement with plenty of time for remembrance.

The group has also looked at including practical advice and support from companies and organisations. That could include meal providers or cookery teachers offering options for people unused to preparing food for themselves, companies specialising in holidays for single people and experts who can advise on a variety of other matters.

If successful there could be Bereavement Support Days twice a year.

For more information or to book a place, please call Gerry Gillespie on 01392 406168 or email