Make A Will Fortnight for FORCE

FORCE Cancer Charity has again teamed up with local solicitors to promote its Make A Will Fortnight campaign.

The promotion runs from September 10-24 when Ford Simey, Gilbert Stephens, Kitsons and Tozers – solicitors based in offices across Exeter, East and Mid Devon – will waive their simple will-making fee in return for a donation to FORCE.

During your meeting you can discuss with the solicitor what you would like in your will. Should you need specialist advice your solicitor will quote a separate price for any additional work.

The suggested donations are £150 for a single will and £200 for a mirrored will. The donation will be made at the solicitor’s office at the time of the appointment and will go directly to the charity.

“Whether as an individual; a couple; on the property ladder; just married; separated; starting a family or wanting to secure your grandchildren’s future – making a will is often reassuring and can be simple. It is your choice how you want your money spent and who it can help. You decide,” said Oly Watts from FORCE.

“We must stress that there is no expectation for you to feel obliged to leave a gift in your will to FORCE,” he added.

Gifts to FORCE allow the charity to plan long-term projects for the benefit of anyone affected by cancer. Since FORCE was founded in 1987 it has spent more than £8million on support, equipment and research.

Rachael Morley from Tozers said: “Tozers is delighted to be supporting FORCE through our ‘Make A Will’ Fortnight in September 2018. Our team of expert lawyers would be pleased to assist you in putting a simple Will in place in return for a donation to FORCE and we hope both to tick this necessary task off your list, whilst also giving you the feel-good factor of supporting a local charity which does excellent work in the community.”

If you are inspired to take advantage of Make A Will Fortnight initiative and would like to learn more about FORCE, which offers face-to-face support for anyone locally affected by cancer, why not visit the charity to find out more.

You can call 01392 402875 to arrange an appointment.

For a list of solicitors involved in FORCE’s Make A Will Fortnight campaign and their contact details, take a look at this information