Hearing that you or someone close to you has cancer can be a distressing experience.

A diagnosis is often accompanied by a range of different emotions and responses. Relaxation, anxiety management and mindfulness techniques can help you in dealing with the situation.

We offer a variety of classes and courses to suit your needs, from drop-in sessions to six-week programmes. These are are held at our Support and Information Centre in Exeter.

We also have a range of relaxation CDs available for you to use at home.

We have also produced a series of short films aimed at helping people deal with some of the common side effects of diagnosis and treatment. Click below to view our guides to managing fatigue, sleep and managing anxiety.


For details on our relaxation drop-in classes or more information on our relaxation and anxiety management courses, please contact Emma Ellis on 01392 403051.

For dates and further information about our mindfulness programmes, please contact Paul Grace on 01392 406169.

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Mindfulness is about being fully in the present moment. It helps to develop our awareness moment by moment and to face our experiences as they actually are, rather than coloured by anxiety about the future and preoccupation with the past.

Practices using the everyday functions of sitting, walking, body awareness and stretching are used to focus our awareness with an attitude of curiosity, acceptance and a friendliness towards ourselves and our experience. This way it is possible to reduce anxiety and the stress of challenging situations as well as being a practice for everyday living.

This approach was initially pioneered working with patients with long-term illness and chronic pain and has now been adopted in many other situations within the NHS as well as in the wider community.

If you are interested, please come with a sense of curiosity and an open mind and an open heart.

FORCE offers drop-in mindfulness groups or longer courses in mindfulness practices.

Please contact Paul Grace on 01392 4016169 for dates of the next course or further information.

Feel free to download or print our Mindfulness leaflet.

You can also listen to our Introduction to Mindfulness Practices.

Listen to our introduction to mindfulness practice.


Learning how to relax can be a valuable aid to coping with a cancer diagnosis. Classes and courses in relaxation and anxiety management techniques are held at our Support and Information Centre.

Relaxation can:

  • Relieve tiredness and stress
  • Help manage anxiety
  • Enhance coping ability
  • Contribute to a sense of well-being and peace

Who is it for?

Anyone affected by cancer who would like to:

  • Learn relaxation techniques
  • Meet other patients and carers
  • Have time out for yourself

Do I need to bring anything?

No but it is a good idea to wear loose, comfortable clothes. Relaxation chairs, blankets and pillows are provided.

Relaxation drop-in classes

These sessions offer an opportunity to discover and practise guided relaxation which can help restore and replenish the mind and body. Please contact us for more details on 01392 406151.

Six-week Relaxation and Anxiety Management Course

Relaxation is a skill which anyone can learn. This course provides a supportive environment to:

  • Learn relaxation
  • A space to practise simple skills
  • Explore anxiety management skills and resources
  • Encourage bringing your learning to everyday life

These courses run three times a year over a six or seven week period (depending on whether there is a break mid-course) on a Thursday. They need to be pre-booked. The sessions involve up to 10 people and are available to patients and their carers at any stage on their cancer journey.

Relaxation CDs

Relaxation CDs are available from our Support and Information Centre.

Each disc features:

  • Lead in music
  • Guided relaxation
  • Music to help you stay relaxed
  • A brief visualisation
  • Guidance for ending your relaxation

Feel free to download or print our Relaxation and anxiety management leaflet.

You can also listen to our Introduction to Relaxation and Anxiety Management.

Listen to our Introduction to Relaxation and Anxiety Management.

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