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  • August 16
  • Exeter Rd, Topsham, EX3 0LX
  • FORCE Cancer Charity

The Virtual Nello 2020 

Update: Tuesday 19th May

The Nello has always taken place on the last week of June.

As many of you will be aware, we moved the date to 16th August knowing that 28th June was simply not going to happen. Well, we are some weeks on and while there has been some lifting of restrictions, I think it is only fair to share that it is highly unlikely that 16th August will be a permitted as a date for 1,500 cyclists to head out en masse.

We have therefore turned the event into a VIRTUAL bike ride for 2020. This means that you can go and ride the Nello – or your own route – at any point from now until 16th August.

22 years ago Nello Ghezzo and Marc Millon used these well-known routes as their training ground for their trip to Venice. This year – we need you to use yours. So:

  • Do the 100 mile route independently – route details below
  • Do the 55 route independently – route details below
  • Make your own 55 or 100 mile route
  • Enter our NEW ride – the 25 mile Furloughed Flyer – decide your own route
  • Do this on your road bike, exercise bike, turbo trainer or electric bike – your choice


SPEED: The Nello has never had a competitive edge but with the use of technology we can now offer you the opportunity to log the time of your ride when you finish. Simply log into the system and upload your Garmin or Strava snapshot or some proof that you did achieve your goal. https://resultscui.active.com/events/TheNello2020 There will be a reward, kindly sponsored by Bike Shed, for the fastest time on the 100 and 55 mile routes – but you MUST do the actual route and upload the evidence from your Garmin, Strava or similar for us to verify this!

MEDALS: This year we will not be on the finish line to hand you a medal. However, with the financial support of Bike Shed and Pinarello, we are able to offer everyone who signs up a FREE T-shirt. These have been designed to reflect your route choice – so they are different for the 100, 55 and 25 – something we are not able to do with the medals! The supplier of the t-shirts is working flat out to turn the order around for us and the current ETA is around 1st June.

FORCE has had to redesign all of its services during this current time. At present we are one third down on all our income so an expected loss of £500,000 is anticipated. We need your support more than ever to raise funds for us from this bike ride. There are many vulnerable people affected by cancer who need our support with counselling, information, benefits advice and specialist physiotherapy. Please help us to help them by continuing to raise funds through your new, virtual challenge. Whether it’s completing a greater distance than you first thought, doing the route twice, doing it without all those cakes, doing it under a certain time, please get behind the Nello Challenge 2020 – https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/charity-web/charity/displayEventDetails.action?eventId=34104

Any questions please get in touch and we look forward to hearing when you are going to do your ride and perhaps seeing pictures of who is supporting you on your chosen route. Email: sarah.daniels@forcecancercharity.co.uk

Why not watch the film from 2019 – it will give you a real sense of what you could be takign on! Nello film 2019

Entry Fees for the 55 mile and the 100 mile routes

For Entry up to end December 2019: £32.00

For Entry from January: £37.50


Entry Fee for the 25 mile

For Entry from May: £25.00


Route Maps

Many cyclists have very kindly given us garmin links following the Nello.

Click here for the 100 mile route

Click here for the 55 mile route

We also have PDF maps for both routes:

55 Map

100 Map


Nello History

Sponsor Form 2020


Cycling Etiquette – Highway Code





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