Getting more information about cancer

A cancer diagnosis may mean having to deal with a lot of questions and concerns which can sometimes be bewildering and frightening. Information nurses are available to help you and your family with advice and information at any stage of the cancer diagnosis.

Who will I see?

Our Support and Information Nurses, Annie Kerr and Nicky Cowley, have many years of experience in cancer care and are based at our Support and Information Centre. At busy times an appointment may be necessary but often they are available to answer questions when you drop in.

What is available?

The FORCE Support and Information Centre has a well-stocked library which patients, carers and relatives are invited to use. It offers:
• Information on cancer and its treatment
• Helpful articles
• Books to borrow
• DVDs
• Booklets
• Guided internet access

Centre users can explore the library at their own pace or can receive support and advice from our Cancer Support Nurses, who will aim to ensure that the information given is relevant.

Feel free to download or print our Information Services leaflet.