Support & counselling

Cancer brings changes in people’s lives and hearing that you or someone close to you has cancer can be a distressing experience. FORCE Oncology Support Specialists are trained counsellors who, as well as offering support, can give more time and in-depth help in the form of counselling.

How might support help me?

FORCE staff are qualified to give a wide range of support. You may feel you need:
• A listening ear
• Reassurance
• Understanding
• Encouragement
• Information
• Practical guidance

How might counselling help me?

Counselling offers a safe place where you can speak about feelings that may worry or frighten you. It gives you time and privacy to talk about how cancer has affected your life.
Counselling may help you to:
• See things in a new and sometimes better light
• Feel less worried and isolated
• Better understand yourself and others
• Find new strengths within yourself and more effective ways to manage your life
• Make decisions and take relevant action

Who can have counselling?

Counselling is available to anyone at any stage of a cancer diagnosis, their carers, relatives or friends. Sessions can be booked for individuals, couples and families.

Who will I see?

You will see a FORCE Support Specialist who is supervised and trained to professional standards in counselling (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, BACP). All sessions are confidential but occasionally it may be helpful to share information with other members of your healthcare team. This would be done only with your consent.

How do I make an appointment?

You can drop in to our outreach centres in Tiverton and Okehampton for more information or to let us know that you would like to access our counselling service. Staff at our headquarters will then make an appointment for you. You do not have to visit our Support and Information Centre in Exeter to see a counsellor.