Organise your own fundraising

Many people organise events to raise funds for FORCE which is just fabulous and hugely appreciated. Whatever you put on, you’ll be helping to improve the lives of local cancer patients, their families and carers. Why not come and meet us to discuss what you have in mind? Then we can help where appropriate and share our experience and resources with you. Call Naomi, Heather, Mervyn, Oly and Sarah on 01392 406153.

Whether you are planning to fundraise alone, with friends or family , at school, at work or with a group, the prospect of where to begin can be a little daunting, so we have prepared this page to ensure you have a lot of fun, stay safe and keep legal! Read more about organising your own fundraiser by expanding the sections below highlighting the most frequently asked questions and scenarios – but most importantly enjoy yourself.

Practical advice for your event

Allana Foote cake saleThe simplest ideas are often the best. Get a little help from your friends to decide on your skills, interests and resources. Make sure your event will raise money! When choosing a venue or route think about all of the following:

  • Clashes with any other local and national events, school holidays etc.
  • Easy access and sufficient parking, public transport, if there is enough space for your target audience – and think weather!
  • Do you need a licence for using the public highway – for serving alcohol – or running a raffle – playing live music?
  • Is there a catering policy at the venue and do you have flexibility to do as you wish?

What it will cost

Keep expenses to a minimum by asking for items and services to be donated or at reduced rates and say that you are fundraising for FORCE. Asking local businesses to sponsor you is a great way to keep costs down and to advertise your event.Exmouth 14

What you will raise

Decide on where the money is coming from – entrance fees, raffles, sponsorships, donations etc. Please check that it will cover your costs and raise funds too!

Asking people to help

The sooner your supporters have the date in their diary and commit to help, the better – keep them involved. Ask FORCE early, if you wish us to be at your event.

The resources needed

For before, during and after the event. People, signage, refreshments, money for floats, raffle prizes, advertising materials, PA systems, tents, gazebos, tables, chairs, decorations, FORCE literature – the list goes on so brainstorm it with your friends.

Spread the word???????????????????????????????

Word of mouth is the ultimate marketing tool! Use your local press, radio and why not approach the TV? Facebook and Twitter are brilliant tools. Posters and flyers work too – just remember to SPREAD the WORD!

How to collect your ££s

Sponsorship forms, an online fundraising page such as Virgin Money Giving, cheques, cash.

Refer to the plan

Again and again – the devil is in the detail!


Fundraising downloads to help

FORCE logos

Clubs, Societies & Schools raising funds for FORCE

There are a number of Clubs and Societies, Schools and local Colleges who have selected FORCE as their Charity of the Year. Their support varies from:

  • Organising events (charity dinners, walks, quiz nights, community events etc.)
  • Taking part in organised events (abseils, skydives, half marathons, marathons etc.)
  • Donating goods to our charity shop (clothes / goods drop areas within the company premises which we collect)
  • Holding raffles at Christmas and Easter
  • Having dress down days at School
  • Holding cake sales at School
  • Bucket Collections at College or within the local community
  • Giving time to help at FORCE organised events

Perhaps your Club, Society, School or College could select FORCE as their chosen charity? We welcome visitors to the Centre as well as a member of staff coming to your community to talk to your group. If you would like to discuss ways you can help then please call Naomi and Heather on 01392 406153 or via email

Corporates raising funds for FORCE

There are a number of companies who select FORCE as their Charity of the Year. Their support varies from:

  • Organising events in-house (cake stalls, dress down days)
  • Organising events involving the corporate community (runs, walks, quiz nights, dinners,)
  • Taking part in organised events (abseils, skydives, half marathons, marathons etc.)
  • Donating goods to our charity shop (clothes / goods drop areas within the company premises which we collect)
  • Hosting collection boxes within your office / shop
  • Allowing us to sell FORCE Christmas cards within your office / shop
  • Holding raffles at Christmas and Easter
  • Giving time to help at FORCE organised events
  • Volunteering in our gardens at the Support & Information Centre

Perhaps your place of work could select FORCE as their chosen charity? If you would like to discuss ways we could work together please call Oly on 01392 406150 or email or visit our Corporate Support page

Health and Safety

Your safety and well being is our priority

Legal requirements

In keeping with charity law please follow the Fundraising Regulators Codes of Practice


When planning your event, please remember to consider the following:

  • Public Entertainment Licence – check with your venue to see if they have one
  • Sale of Alcohol Licence – if you wish to sell alcohol and the venue is not already licenced, you will need to obtain one from your local authority
  • Collection Licence – needed for collecting on the streets and in public places. Please contact your local authority. Once obtained we can provide buckets and boxes. Under 16s are not permitted to collect money through public collections

Publicity materials

If you are producing materials, please include the FORCE logo and charity number. Please call us for artwork on 01392 402875.

Health and safety

To ensure your event is safe and enjoyable for everyone (including children) you should consider…

  • Conducting a Risk Assessment
  • Having adequate Insurance cover
  • Having suitable first aid provision (This could be anything from having a First Aid Box available to a certified named First Aider, or the presence of St John Ambulance or British Red Cross – check legally what you need)
  • Providing proper adult supervision when children are involved
  • Having 2 people present to count any money raised

Raffles and draws

A Draw allows you to sell printed tickets in advance of an event, listing some of the prizes and the cost of the ticket; it must be drawn at a specific date and time -it requires a licence.

Tickets for a Raffle can be sold without a licence if the prizes are given on the same day – you cannot pre sell raffle tickets. Check with your local authority for full guidance. Some venues such as church halls, will not allow raffles or draws, so do check.

Get more from your Event - Gift Aid & Matching Funding

Gift aid

Using Gift Aid means that for every pound you give, we get an extra 25 pence from the Inland Revenue, helping your donation go further. This means that for example a donation of £10 can be turned into £12.50 just so long as donations are made through Gift Aid. Imagine what a difference that could make and it doesn’t cost you a thing! So if you want your donation to go further, Gift Aid it.

To claim Gift Aid you need to have paid Income Tax and / or Capital Gains Tax for each tax year (06 April to 05 April) that is at least equal to the amount of tax that all the charities that you donate to will reclaim on your gifts for that tax year. Other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax do not qualify. NB – Gift Aid can only be claimed on donations and sponsorship. It cannot be claimed from monies raised if a ticket charge applies, if holding an auction and goods are exchanged, or when a benefit is received such as a drink or meal.

Match funding

Many companies support their employees with their fundraising, by offering to match any money raised. Speak to your employer for details and please don’t forget to let us know if this is going to happen.

Fundraise Online by using Virgin Money Giving

Making a donation online

If your friends and colleagues cannot come to your event but wish to make a donation directly to FORCE, they can do so by using the direct link on our website. Please encourage them to Gift Aid their donation.

Fundraising online

You may wish to set up your own fundraising page online by setting up a Virgin Money Giving page. Send it directly to your contacts and social media friends! This goes directly into our FORCE bank account.

Sponsor Forms

Sponsor Forms

We do still use sponsor forms and of course you are welcome to use them for your event. You need to contact us and give us all the details of your event before we give our sponsor forms. Please speak to Naomi on 01392 406153.

We do however highly recommend setting up a Virgin Money Giving page for your fundraising. The sponsor monies are received straight into our bank account, the Gift Aid element is done online and all you have to do is prepare for your event!

Paying money to FORCE

Sending us your money

You can also bring cash and cheques to us, in person, at the FORCE Cancer Support & Information Centre along with your sponsorship forms. We are open 5 days a week between 9.30am and 4.30pm.

Do not hesitate to call us, if you need sponsorship forms, gift aid envelopes or further information – 01392 402875.

And finally…a word from FORCE

Nancy Cleary harnessed upWith the training, planning and preparation behind you, all that is left is for the event to happen, the funds to be collected and to thank everyone. If you are able to continue raising funds at work, home, school or college by introducing others to some events for FORCE, that would be wonderful too!


Thank you